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Face Masks

Darth Vader, you weren't bad, you just had a fear of the emperor's cooties. Honestly, would you kiss him?

So the Taiwanese do not like disease. At the sign of a sniffle, masks go on faster than you can say, "Luke I am your father!" H1N1 is a big thing here. Of course, anywhere. Take your vitamins and eat healthy everyone! I've been drinking about 6 liters a day... whoa... did I just use the metric system? How International of me :)!

They think this "mask" will protect them from this virus. My opinion. Children are virus producing factories. How do I know?! I can see it coming out of there nose, ears and hey, what's that smell coming from your pants! Begone disease ridden varmint. No, I will not play rocket-ship!

Even if the mask works, how the heck are you supposed to understand a non-english speaking soft squeaking child through a mask? I do my best, but you'd be amazed how often they get the question right. (wink).

The masks do come in hand when riding the scooter though. Sucking down the fumes of the exhaust pipe in front of you does not seem the healthiest practice.

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A he** of a week teaching English

Was I in Taiwan? I couldn't tell.

I had my first real week of teaching last week. I used to love school. I show up each day and teachers would entertain me with new stories, problems, and games. What a blast! Sit back and enjoy the ride. It must be even better to be a teacher. Right?....

Ahhhhh. Talk about trying to keep your head above water! An endless amounts of tasks thrust upon me. Having to learn instantly how to teach kindergarten, elementry, junior high, and high school kids all at once. Not easy. And here, I don't know how they do it in the U.S., but office supplies are all on you. Well, they give you books and a copier with paper. Where's white out? Where's some scissors? Where's Office Max?!!!!

Kindergarten? Govinator, I feel you! "Its not a Tumor!" No, its a brain aneurism. I hope it gets better.

First day of class was an experience. I had 3 year olds. These guys have just learned to speak chinese (and wipe their bottoms... well, most of them) and now I’m teaching them english?! What? Well, c’est la vie. Has to happen sometime. I can’t believe they’re entrusting me to do it. I’ve had to zoom back to all my sesame street lessons to get it. Count? Cookie Monster? How blessed to have you in my life. Oscar the Grouch? I understand.

They say ask a lot of questions. I have this one guy that works there that is a guy straight from a British comedy. A lot to say, confident in is execution, but in 10 minutes of talk doesn't say anything. Of course, he always has advice. I think that chewed up a lot of time. After asking many questions, and a lot of verbose, superfluous, round about, useless answers that would not answer the question I asked.

I would say that's why people say "just do your best." No one knows the real answer. They can only sense what is really wrong. That's cool. Enjoy the inner voice.

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Red light Green light

Hey I'm trying to drive here!

Odd thing I noticed now that I’m riding my scooter more. When I ride at night, I think after 10pm, they change some lights from normal to just flashing red and flashing yellow lights for the road that has a right away. People seem to halfway notice this as they pass through. A little good faith in the other drivers. U.S. is the epidemy of making things idiot proof I guess. I kind of like that.

I say a little prayer every time I head through one of these crossroads. I get a good little buzz of adrenaline every time I pass through one. I won’t go on. I don’t want to worry anyone. All-in-all its pretty safe (he says as he knocks on wood.)

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Wouldn't it Nice...

rain 72 °F

Wouldn't it be nice if just by living, that special day would come when you just got 1,000,000 dollars. If everyday was a chance to win, just by doing your everyday activity. You didn't have to get into Ed McMahon's publisher clearinghouse sweepstakes. You didn't need to buy a whole role of the scratch (and sniff? or is it just me) tickets so maybe you could win $100 bucks. You just have to answer this paradox:

“I bought a doughnut and they gave me a receipt for the doughtnut... I don't need a receipt for the doughnut. I give you money and you give me the doughnut, end of transaction. We don't need to bring ink and paper into this. I can't imagine a scenario that I would have to prove that I bought a doughnut. To some skeptical friend, 'Don't even act like I didn't get that doughnut, I've got the documentation right here... It's in my file at home. ...Under "D" for "donut." -Mitch Hedberg

Well, here, that receipt could be your meal ticket. Why do they have this thing?

In an effort to get merchants to keep things on the books, the government came up with the Receipt Lottery. The theory being, with millions in winnings on the line, customers would start demanding receipts with every purchase and merchants would wind up with all their income on the books.

Well, thanks to shady people, every time I buy something, I get a Powerball ticket. I have a wholde bagful waiting for November 25. That's when they draw the numbers. You want to encourage consumer spending this is it! Come on USA! This is our ticket out of the recession!

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Little Differences

rain 72 °F

Oh, how easy it is to create garbage. Peel this. Rip it open. Oops, don't need this anymore, toss it! Just put it in the bucket and the garbage man to come. Oh, what a pain, I have to have my garbage can on the corner on Tuesday?

Well, here, you sit under your singularly focused light, reading Harry Potter (Is there anything else?). As Harry Potter and Voldemort raise their quivering wands to send their death blows, something reaches in and pulls your attention from the world. What could it be? It's a distant sound, a song, not unique but significant. Its....its... its.. Garbage Recycle Man!!!!! Run!!!!! Get the garbage bag, get the recycling, GET to the sidewalk! Here he comes. Does he stop? No, its a Wild Boar free for all. Get your garbage in before its too late. Out of my way child or I will smite you! Its pulling away. Summon the powers of high school track n field hammer throw and heave that haven for bacteria colonization into the air where it cuts through gods attempts to blow it off track. You feel like Roy Hobbs hitting that homerun into the lights as the bag falls in.

Hands on your hips you look with pride. You never even had hammer throw in high school track n field. Clank-ity-clank. What was that? Some old lady dropped her cane as she passes you with a limp run and tries her luck at getting the bag into the truck as the traveling music box pulls off into the distance. Oh, silly lady. If you were young again, you would have made it.

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