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Face Masks

Darth Vader, you weren't bad, you just had a fear of the emperor's cooties. Honestly, would you kiss him?

So the Taiwanese do not like disease. At the sign of a sniffle, masks go on faster than you can say, "Luke I am your father!" H1N1 is a big thing here. Of course, anywhere. Take your vitamins and eat healthy everyone! I've been drinking about 6 liters a day... whoa... did I just use the metric system? How International of me :)!

They think this "mask" will protect them from this virus. My opinion. Children are virus producing factories. How do I know?! I can see it coming out of there nose, ears and hey, what's that smell coming from your pants! Begone disease ridden varmint. No, I will not play rocket-ship!

Even if the mask works, how the heck are you supposed to understand a non-english speaking soft squeaking child through a mask? I do my best, but you'd be amazed how often they get the question right. (wink).

The masks do come in hand when riding the scooter though. Sucking down the fumes of the exhaust pipe in front of you does not seem the healthiest practice.

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Oh.. I thought this was going to be a football post..

Since they don't give you any white-out, I'm sure you're probably on your own for hand sanitizer.

by Luke_H

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